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Trifocal intraocular lenses provide better seeing far and near and have the feature supporting net seeing in medium distance.

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Intermediate distance can be defined as 60-70 cm arm’s length and intermediate distance in eye disorders represents a point, ehich we used frequenlt in our daily life. Car dashboards, portable PCs, which we hold in our arms, are the best examples for intermediate distance.

Being corrected of intermediate distances by trifocal lenses provides confident sight in near, medium and far distances.

It minimizes visual problems such as light scaltering by driving at night and reduces night complaints.

It is proper to whom?

It can be applied to every patient, who is elder than 18 years old.

Trifocal intraocular lenses are right choices for people, who don’t want to use near and far eyeglasses after cataract surgery. 

Application duration is 7-10 minutes and next day patient can go on daily activities.

Smart lense is a term used for describing trifocal lenses.