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What is Retinal Decollement?

Retinal Decollement is separation of epithelium locating under retina nerve layer from its layer. Decollement occurs because of liquid filling between two layers as a result of ruptures and holes occurring in retina.

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Importance of Retinal Decollement and Time

Seperation of retina from layer, where it is stuck on, by rending is a process resulting with cell death. In this process reaching of decollement to macula causes central vision loss. even if the retina is healed successfully, because of being late for treatment it is impossible lost cells to be regained. Even in most successful operation it is impossible regaining of previous vision similarly because of cell loss.

Who may have retinal decollement?

Retinal Decollement and Its Reasons

Retinal Decollement and Its Symptoms

Retinal Decollement Treatment

Early diagnosis of retinal detachment and being diagnosed and healed of retinal decollement before growing is highly important.

If it is suspected that retinal detachment diagnosed during examination may cause decollement, it is interfered with laser.

If retinal decollement is occurred, surgical operation is required. Operation method depends on number, size, place and form of retinal detachments causing retinal decollement and duration of retinal decollement.

If the treatment is not made immediately, it may cause scotomata or whole visual loss.