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What is Hemorrhoid (piles)?

Pressure in veins in anus increases because of different reasons. Vein extends because of its structure being proper to extend in order to balance increasing pressure and comes out from anus. Red-purple coloured veins coming out from anus cause often bleeding. Most important effect of bleeding is perforation of veins by falling into ruin.

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Hemorrhoid is divided into two as internal and external. In internal hemorrhoid it is not seen too much pain and pruritus but in further levels lobes coming out can be seen. In external hemorrhoid pain and burning are seen often.

Levels of Hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoid is evaluated in 4 levels. Complaints of each level are different from eachother. Level type is decided by your doctor after medical examination.

1st Level Hemorrhoid (Piles)

There is no visible sign and it is determined with endoscope during examination. Only sign seen is bleeding even a little, there is no serious complaint. 


2nd Level Hemorrhoid (Piles)

Hemorrhoid lobe comes out in case of pushing and patient can feel it with hand. There may be bleeding and pain.


3rd Level Hemorrhoid (Piles)

Hemorrhoid lobe is recognized as swelling. Main complaints are pain, pruritus, wetness as well as bleeding.


4th Level Hemerrhoid (Piles)

In this level it is known as severe hemorrhoid and piles lobes do not get in. Person feels pain while sitting, because hemorrhoid is out.

Reasons of Hemorrhoid

Symptoms of Hemorrhoid

Rectal bleeding (bleeding from anus)

Palpable swelling and pain in anus

Flix and pruritus


How it is diagnosed?

To make a diagnosis expert doctor shoul listen carefully the patient’s complaints.

For young patients diagnosis can be made easily by anal examination. Rectoscopy is suggested to patients having bleeiding complaint. If hemorrhoid is determined by anal examination in patients elder than 40 years old and having obstruction complaints, colonoscopic examination is applied definitely.

Treatment Methods

There are local creams, pomades and surgical options in hemorrhoid treatment.


Hemorrhoid Surgery with Laser

With hemorrhoid surgery with laser being an ideal alternative than classic surgery methods it is reached a solution easily. In cutless and non-suture hemorrhoid method with laser infrared ray having high heat focuses problematic area by giving heat at varying rate and time depending on the size of lobes. In operation carried out without damaging tissues around burned and damaged lobe leaves its place to healthy tissue by disappearing slowly.    


Operation, which is made under local anaesthesia, takes approximately 3-5 minutes and after application patient rests in his/her own room and then he/she returns to his/her daily life.  

Non-operational hemorrhoid treatment with laser is not applied to external piles as well as third and fourth level internal piles.

Hemorrhoid has re-occuring risk even a little. Even if this potential would occur, it does not pose a problem as being easy to be applied.


Advantages of Hemorrhoid Treatment with Laser


Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy

Inflammatory reaction occurs in stapled hemorrhoidectomy treatment by being polymerized in contact with endothelium. With this reaction pressure on vein provides splicing opposite veins together. After application hemorrhoid is closed and patient comfort is provided in highest level. Stapled hemorrhoid is developed to treat hemorrhoids in out patient conditions with simple ablative embolisation method. Application consists of approximately 1 minute pressure of liquid embolisation agents in too small amounts injection as endovenous in hemorrhoid.  



There are local creams, pomades and surgical options in hemorrhoid treatment.