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Hair mesotheraphy is a medicated treatment method applied in hair bulbs. During application fine-lead needles are used.

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Hair mesotheraphy products consisting of structure components B12, sulphur, iron, elastin, biotine and keratin applied by fine-lead needles under skin and in hair bulbs are applied by microinjection method. After application your hair regains its aliveness and your hair loss problem is prevented. Substantially changes are seen in hair loss and aliveness after mesotheraphy vitamin expanding from hair bulbs to the hair tips is applied.

Hair mesotheraphy can be applied everyone, who has hair loss, limp hairs, rare hair bulbs problems. In general hair masotheraphy can be applied for


First 4 session of total 8 recommended sessions are applied one a week in 4 weeks. Other 4 sessions are applied biweekly and other 2 sessions are applied once in a month.
Everyone, who hasn’t any problem healthwise and is proper to have hair mesotheraphy, may have it done. Mesotheraphy both prevent your hair from external effects by regaining required mineral and vitamins and decreases hair loss rate. In addition to this revitalization of hair bulbs about to die and increasing of hair amount are in question through mesotheraphy method for hair. By this means you can have not only strong but also volumed hairs. Mezoterapi yöntemi saçlarınıza ihtiyaç duyduğu mineral ve vitaminleri geri kazandırarak onları hem dış etkilerden korur hem de dökülme oranları azaltır. Bununla birlikte saç için mezoterapi yöntemi sayesinde ölmek üzere olan saç köklerinin tekrar diriltilmesi ve saç miktarının arttırılması da söz konusudur. Bu sayede hem güçlü hem de hacimli saçlara sahip olabilirsiniz.
If person is complainant on appearance caused by extreme hair loss, weak barba and limp hair, application may be done after investigations have been completed.

Hair mesotheraphy is a medicated treatment method applied in hair bulbs.

Hair mesotherapy is recommended by experts as 8-10 sessions for people wishing to have hair mesotheraphy, who will have it first, inorder to have health and absolute result.
Application is begun after investigations have been completed. 1 session leads approximately 30 minutes.
Application could be different according to health condition of person. However after 3 sessions it is seen that hair loss has decreased majorly and barba has regained its aliveness.
There are many resons for hair loss. If person has extreme hair loss, it is recommended to have been examined by asking an expert doctor. According to results if person hasn’t any pathogeny, hair mesotheraphy can be applied. After application relating to person’s condition hair loss may be cleared off.
During application anaesthetic creams or local anaesthetics injection are applied to the area to be applied. Thus medicines to be used during application don’t constitute any pain for person.