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Gynecology and obstetrics clinic provides services in the fields of gynecological diseases, which women of all ages can meet, with the equipment and accumulation of knowledge required by current medicine.

 Pregnancy follow-up and Delivery

·       Pregnant Examination

·       Ultrasonographic Examinations of Pregnants

·       Pregnancy doppler ultrasonography examinations (four dimensional)

·       Normal delivery

·       Caesarean delivery

·       Risky pregnancy follow-up

·       Anomaly screening (Risk of down syndrome-double and quad screening tests)

 General Gynecology

·       Vaginismus treatment

·       Periodic gynecological examination / PAP Smear test screenings

·       Menstrual irregularity

·       Mass, discharge and painful situations in genital region

·       Genital infections (vaginal discharge, fungus)

·       Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases

·       Diagnosis and treatment of Endometriosis and chocolate cysts

·       Diagnosis and treatment of hairing in body

·       Diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of uterus myoma

·       Sexually transmitted diseases

·       Premenstrual syndrome (IMS)

·       Painful menstruation

·       Hairing

·       Ovarian cysts and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

 Family Planning

·       Consultancy service for Contraception

·       Insertion of intra-uterine device (RİA)

·       Subcutaneous implant application

·       Tubal ligation and other hormonal methods)


·       Hormonal analysis and ovarian reserve (capacity of ovary) measurements

·       Consultancy for period of Menopause and hormone replacement therapy

·       Treatment and Follow-up of period of menopause

·       Osteoporosis (bone thinning) treatment


·       Screening of cancers of the genital system (cervix, uterus, ovaries) and the surgical operations required accordingly.


·       Evaluation, Reason Analysis and Diagnosis of Infertility

·       Ovulation induction (ovulation treatments)

·       Follicleometry (ovum follow-up)

·       Insemination (IUI, inoculation) applications

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