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Glaucoma (Eye Pressure) is an eye disease occurring with being damaged of visual nerve by rising of intraocular pressure and if it is not healed it can be resulted in blindness.

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Glaucoma (Eye Pressure) is a disease, which mainly doesn’t cause complaints at the beginning. Through years it grows slowly and damages visual nerve.

  • Decreasing in seeing
  • Redness in eye,
  • Seeing lightened circles around lights in nights
  • Pain on and around eye,
  • Headaches becoming evident in mornings,
  • Blurred vision occasionally

Glaucoma is an insidious disease and mainly it doesn’t show any symptom.

Visual field of patient, whose visual nerve is damaged, becomes narrow slowly and if it is not healed patient is in the risk of being blind in time and it is irremediable.





Glaucoma is an insidious disease and mainly it doesn’t show any symptom. Therefore regular eye controls are one of the factors that will increase the effect of treatment.

Medication: There are many lotions in glaucoma treatment. Those lotions decrease intraocular pressure by changing the liquid production in eye.

Usage of those lotions may be periodically or life-long.

Laser treatment: It is applied to patients, who cannot use medication or cannot tolerate the lotions due to side effects.

Surgical treatment: It is a process, in which a small hole is made in white layer of eye and intraocular liquid in eye is taken out.


-Patient should keep away from stress
-Patient should have regular sleep routine
-Lard consumption should be less
-Fresh fruits and vegetables should be consumed
-No smoking
-Regular sport and hiking up
-Plenty of water should be consumed

Eye tension has no relation with body tension or foods. It is completely related to eye structure.