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Diseases and illnesses that may occur in our eyes, which is one of the most important organs, can make our life difficult and limited. For this reason, it is very important to protect eye health and to treat it when necessary.

Major eye diseases are astigmatic, myopia, hypermetropia, hordoleum, ocular tension, amblyopia, cataract, strabismus, nyctalopia, eye pain, bloody eye, eye allergy, xerophthalmia and watering of eyes, eyelid swelling.

Routine eye examinations and detailed examinations of adults and infants and children of all ages are conducted in our Ophthalmology department. Thus, the amblyopia, which may arise in older ages, can be detected early.

Our clinic serves in the fields of diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, refraction, cataract and treatment (phacoemulsification), glaucoma and treatment (ocular tension), pediatric ophthalmology, strabismus and oculoplastic surgery.

Treatment fields

• General eye examination

• Lens examination

• FFA - Computerized eye angiography (diagnosis and follow-up of eye pathologies caused by diabetes)

• Computerized visual field

• Cataract surgery

• Secondary Cataract Laser Application (YAG)

• Retinal diseases and laser applications

• Glaucoma (ocular tension), follow-up therapy and surgery (SLT)

• Strabismus and children’s eye diseases treatment

• Corneal Topography and its treatment in diagnosing corneal diseases

• Oculoplastic surgery (eye aesthetics) and uveitis

• Diagnosis and follow-up of macular degeneration

• Seamless cataract surgery with phaco device

• Seamless and without incision Endolaser DSR operations are performed in tear blockages and treatment.

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