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Polype, which is not taken, might grow in time, might cause over bleeding and if there is cancer under it, it might develop and cause bad results. Prof. Dr. H. Mesut Özsoy

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Endometrial polypes may be benign or malignant developing in innermost layer of uterus (endometrium layer). They are called in public as “piece of meat in uterus wall”. In general they occur as one polype in a few cantimeters but there may be several polypes sometimes. 

As endometrial polypes are in uterus they can not be seen external or during vaginal examination through speculum.

If some big polypes has dropped up to cervical uterus, they may be seen through speculum during vaginal examination rarely. Polypes are spotted generally during ultrasonography for specified area monitoring in uterus. But final diagnosis is made after polype has been taken out by curettage or hysteroscopy and analyzed pathological.


Does polype cause infertility?

Wall of the womb place and size are important. It is the reason for infertility.

The symptoms for being big polype or myoma in wall of the womb are severe bleeding, infertility and wall of the womb canser.
Patients having polype in wall of the womb have irregular menustral bleeding, severe bleeding and infertility is observed
If there is polype after menopause patient must be healed for wall of the womb canser.