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The medical intervention for the patients who apply to our hospital in emergency is performed on time and completely. Our health teams have required medical knowledge and technical equipment to intervene with the patients in acritical situation and the ones having wounds, traumas or lighter health problems.

Patients applying our emergency service are arrayed by doctors and health personnel by means of triage system according to the prominence of their medical sitautions, and are treated as per this array.

Monitoring, laboratory and other support units, enabling the department to work efficiently provide 24-hour-services, and each department renders services continuously by means of medical team being experienced in their fields. In the emergency unit, all the internal and surgical incidences are encountered and first responses are provided. If required, our emergency service specialist will realize all the organizations by means of advanced analysis or of consultation of night doctor.

Treatment fields

- First aid

- Respiratory Tract and artificial respiration (Circulatory system and cardiac massage)

- Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

- Bleeding and controlling

- Shock

- Traumas

- Injuries

- Fracture-Dislocation-Sprains

- Intoxication

- Intestinal infections and gastric disorders

- Inflammatory disease

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