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The department of dermatology attends to diagnosis and treatment of the diseases being infected by means of hair, nail, mouth mucosa and sex. In our department of dermatology, hair and venereal diseases are treated by utilizing state-of-art technological possibilities.

Treatment Fields

- Acne treatment

- Hair disease treatment

- Treatment of fungal infections

- Oral aphtha

- Contagious diseases with bacterial and viral eruption

- Sunspot, speckle and birthmark

- Parasitary dermatological disease treatment

- Callus and warts

- Allergic dermatological disease treatment

- Spot

- Eczama treatment

- Benign and malignant lesion on skin

- Skin rejuvenation

- Spot treatment

- Botox filling

- Cativation

- Hair transplantation

- PRR, Mesotherapy

- Regional loss of weight

- Nail diseases

- Oral mucosa disease treatment

- Venereal disease treatment

- Cutaneous disease treatment

- Nail disease treatment

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