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Botox is accepted today as the most popular method reducing the wrinkles and its usage has increased all around the world. In Gözde hospital it is applied by our expert Dr. Deniz Yurtman Havlucu.

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What is botox?

Botox is a non-operational easy application and reduces the wrinkles and facial lines.

Where is applied botox?

On forehead,

Between eye-borrows

Laugh lines around eyes,

Upper lip,

Neck lines,

Persperation treatment on hands, foots and armpits



Area, where the best results will be obtained, is determined by our expert doctor. Botox is injected in smallest doses to each area where the appication will be applied. It is a painless method and does not require anesthesia.
Botox application in one area takes 10-15 minutes.
The effect of botox leads 4-6 months. This duration increases by repeating the application.

No, botox does not cause to lose facial expressions. It is possible to treat only wrinkles and to continue to use gestures through applied dose and area selection. Botox is under control of doctor and applied at patient’s request. Some patients prefer to get rid of wrinkles around eyes and between eyebrows; some patients may wish to have lifted eyebrows. Contrary to popular belief, it is out of question having senseless and toneless facial expressions considering that many artists made botox.
No, botox does not cause swelling on face because it is not a filling material. It is a medicine used for relaxing of muscles causing wrinkles and it is injected by diluting with physiological saline solution. It expands in muscle after being injected. It is not used for filling purposes on face by no means.
Botox is used only for vertical lines above lips called as smoking lines. It is not used for lip filling. If I don’t go on my botox applications, would my wrinkles get worse? In case of not going on botox applications, your wrinkles turn back in situation before treatment slowly. It is out of question getting worse or prolapsed.
First effect of botox application is seen within 3-7 days.
You can go on your daily activites after botox application is done. It is easy, fast application and doesn’t require a healing process.
During the botox application a little and short timed prick can be felt but after application no pain is felt.
Botox can be easily applied to people between the ages of 25 - 65.
The side effect of botox application made by conscicous and experienced person is temporary and it is limited to the application area. Headache and a little redness on injection area may be seen rarely. This redness can be concealed with make-up.
Botox is the first and only neurotoxin complex used in treatment of wrinkles between eye brows approved by Ministry of Health in our country. This usage of botox is approved by authorized instutitions in EU countries and by FDA in USA.