Patients’ Stories


Thanks Op. Dr. Ersin Konyalıoğlu  

we Thank Too Much To Our Op. Dr. Ersin Konyalıoğlu And Mr. Cem.

Thanks Op. Dr. Feyza Ağaca Güler  

she Provided Me To Have Better Pregnancy With Her Understanding, Niceness And Suggestions During My Difficult Pregnancy Period. I Wish We Could Have Met In The Beginning Of My Pregnancy. Thanks God We Had Our Daughter. Endless Thanks To Your Hospital, Our Doctor And Caring Personnel.  

Thanks Op. Dr. Feyza Ağaca Güler  

we Thank Very Much To Our Doctor Op. Dr. Feyza Ağaca Güler For Being With Us During My Pregnancy And My Birth With Her All Sincerity And Warmhearted Interest.

Thanks Op. Dr. Ozana Ganiüsmen  

my Mother Believed In Herself Too Much. On 13.07.2016 We Were Too Worried Because Of Our Mother’s Age. Mr. Ozan Operated Carefully And Operation Resulted Positively. We Thank First To God Then Our Doctor Mr. Ozan Too Much. Thanks For Caring My Mother After Operation, Too. Thanks Hospital’s Nurses And Personnel For Being Friendly And Caring.

mr. Ozan, We Need Doctors As You. You Are Really An Interested, Expert And Precious Doctor. Thank You... Best Regards...