Both A Healthy Breath And An Ideal Nose With Rhinoplasty Surgery

2215 Days Before

Nose has great importance in terms of aesthetic appearance due to its location on the face and in terms of its starting point duty in respiratory system.

An ideal nose should both breath well and give an elegant appearance in harmony with other organs.

Depending on the genetic traits of the person or the trauma and accidents that are exposed, the structure of the nose can be "undesirable". A nose that is not in harmony with the general structure of the face is one of the factors that negatively affects the general facial appearance. For this reason, the operation of nose remodelling that we called ”rhinoplasty” is the most common procedure among all aesthetic operations. The nose is an organ that creates serious changes in general facial aesthetics with small touches. What is important here is that these changes should be in harmony with the general face structure without giving "artificial" feelings.

Every face, and therefore every nose is different from each other. For this reason, special planning should be done for nose remodelling. What is important for successful results in rhinoplasty is that the patient shares clearly his wishes and the physician shares clearly what he will do. In this sharing, it is important that the patient and the physician agree together about the characteristics of the operation to be done by meeting the wishes of the patient and the suggestion of the physician in a common point. Because the physician will shape the operation plan according to these decisions. Aesthetic nose remodelling is a serious issue that creates information pollution among the public. The most important thing to know here is that the needs of nose are different according to the person. What these needs are determines the details of the operation to be performed. For that reason, there is no possibility of deciding the details of the operation without a face-to-face meeting with the physician.


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